Friday, November 18, 2016

A Pie Pumpkin..All Glittered Up and Some Thoughts About Life

It's a very blustery day here in the Arizona mountains.
And tonight we're supposed to have temps in the teens.

I hope to get outside to day, brave the wind, dodging the 50 mph gusts and gather the rest of my flowers for some creative and fun way to enjoy them for a little while longer.

I cannot believe that I still have roses, 
cosmos, petunias and snapdragons.
What a beautiful fall it's been but I find myself standing 
by the wood stove quite a bit these days.

There's a very simple project that I'd like to share with you today.
I made a bunch of them while I was in Ohio and gave them as gifts.
And I brought several home to make more.

The materials needed are:
 *pie pumpkins
*acrylic paint.. your choice of color
(I used Vintage White)
*glitter (I used gold)
*ribbon, tulle 
*a button or some kind of embellishment
*hot glue gun

I put a coat of paint and let it dry.
Then painted the top half of the pumpkin
again and sprinkled it with LOTS of gold glitter :)
Oh my! 
At the Sugartree cabin in Ohio, I had glitter 
ALLLL over the place. It was so fun.
(Glitter and I mix like milk and cookies!)

After this dries, you make a bow or two out
of your ribbon. Then attach them and your 
embellishment with hot glue.
SO simple and pretty quick too. 
The drying time takes a bit.

I have given several as gifts. 
They would be perfect as a hostess
gift or for just someone special. I took one to the owner
of the nursery where I bought the pumpkins and
she asked if it had been for a fall wedding decoration.

 With Thanksgiving coming, there are endless ways
that one could use them for decorating.
They are very inexpensive to make and so fun and festive.
I took this one to my brother at the nursing home.
Just a small way to share a little love.
And we need lots of that don't we?

That's one thing that always makes a difference
in a person's life. Spread a little cheer and happiness
with a simple gift. Just let someone know that they
were thought of and loved.

Here's a lovely song for you today.
It's a moving version of 


Yesterday, I made some special memories making
hot-cocoa mix with my granddaughters. 
And we also went about the yard
picking all the flowers that were still blooming!
They had little baskets to fill for their mommy.
They were so excited! 
Oh, the precious love of little girls for their mommy. 
Sweet sweet sweet!
I will share pictures later. 

It's time for some Christmas music! And
we've been working on some songs for 
sing-alongs and special events. 
There are so many special ones. 
Traditional, country, folk and it goes on.
I will share some of my favorites with you.

We had two birthday celebrations this week for my
husband's 60th birthday and there are more to come.
When I think of how much the average person
has to overcome in this life, by golly, it's good celebrate
 them and life at every opportunity!  

As we approach Thanksgiving, there are
a few things that I'm particularly thankful for today.

*A good dermatologist report.
I'm at high risk because of my years of over-exposure.
I have learned some very valuable things about protection.
If you are interested in knowing, I will share.
I will say that skin checks make a difference!

*My husband being here.
The two year anniversary of his roll-over accident
is almost here. His pick-up was totaled. 
He was treated and released.
(I lost my first husband in a roll-over accident 
when I was 24)

 *Protection from a black widow spider.
Yesterday, before the girlies arrived, I was
prompted to straighten a little pile of pillows where
they often play. There I found a very large widow spider.
A spider.. ewww  Happy thought indeed.

To quote Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice  

What are you thankful for?
What have you been doing?
Are you ready for the holidays?

I hope that life is treating you kind and that your days
are rich with love and the beauty of life.

Merci Merci 
And many blessings to you,
Tamara xo


Art and Sand said...

What a fun Thanksgiving pumpkin project.

You have a lot to be Thankful for.

For me, it is the blending of two families (our daughter-in-law's) and not just at Thanksgiving. My cousin has been joining us too since the year our son became engaged. We have so much fun laughing together.
The only downside is that our daughter is with her boyfriend's family - too far to come for the weekend.

Have a lovely week leading into Thanksgiving.

Junkchiccottage said...

Great read today Tamara. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday it is sooo good to pause and think about all the blessings in our lives. Just waking to a new day each and every day is such a blessing and gift. Wow so glad you found that spider before the girls. You know my phobia with spiders. I have to burn the house down if I see one so glad you did not have to do that lol! Have a super weekend and a great holiday next week.

Sylvia said...

It's turned cold here in Central Georgia, 38 this morning.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving,Tamara!