Monday, February 20, 2017

Vintage Suitcases, Books and the Mysteries of the Past ~

It was a cloudy morning that has turned into a sunny 
Monday here at our mountain home. 

And there are little surprises popping up in my flower gardens.
Hyacinths... Poppies and Lilies 
are peeking out to see if it's safe to 
come out and say a proper hello! 

It's all very exciting.
And there is talk about
additions to the gypsy camp.

It's one of my places to dream. 
It's there that I play
so much music and even make believe. 

Even though.....
 I love the winter months and
 the magic and beauty of snow is one 
of my favorite things!
 The handsome and lively elk and deer visitors 
come to call, too and it's so fun
 to watch the young ones 
run down the pond hill and 
play chase around the field!
And then to watch that herd of fifty 
run all together as one is a beautiful sight, indeed!

Even though ... 
all of that will have to wait until
another time,
I do hear the gypsy camp beckoning...
Such excitement in the air!

Today, I have a couple of photos of a decor change that 
I made with some thrifted, vintage suitcases and some of my favorite books. It was a much needed change as I hadn't changed it
for several years. 
(I won't tell you how long.. I'm too embarrassed!)

They sort of embody that adventurous, wanderlust spirit that
stirs up the gypsy in me. 
Do you ever look at them and wonder?

Who packed them?
Where they travelled and why?

Was it their honeymoon...
a business trip?
Were they traveling with the circus?

Oh my.. Don't you just love the mystery?
My husband and I really like the change. 
I like using what I already have and I'm learning to
just switch things around. 

I like the neutrals here with just a splash of color.
I'm starting to hang some of my art around the house.
I also really like plants blended in with neutral colors.
Wooden boxes and crates are another favorite to use in
my home. I love the history that they represent.

I am not very good at decorating but 
I'm learning. I use to think that I had to be loyal to one
color palette but my gypsy soul loves 
it all! So I'm learning to create
small places with groupings of colors that I love.
It usually has some sort of quirky twist.
That's just me. 

Books are not just for reading.
They can be such lovely things to decorate with. 
I have stacks of them all around my house. 

Do you like books?
What are some of your favorites?

I hope the beginning of your week is off to a 
good start. Thank you for coming by.

I hope your week is lovely with an 
element of enchantment and beauty.



Kathy said...

Love the idea of using suitcases and books to decorate. How clever! Hope you are having a wonderful day. Can't wait for our flowers to begin popping up.

Fil said...

That's a great idea for decorating - would never have thought of it .... but might borrow it sometime :) :)
Have a lovely week.

Junkchiccottage said...

I love to stack my decor books too. They have such pretty covers. Love the suit case vignette. Awesome my friend. Love it.
Have a good new week.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I love your suitcase vignette and books too! I think it is important to decorate with what makes you happy!

Audrey said...

Looking so good Tamara ... love your suitcases/books stack. I love to decorate our home with vintage items too. In fact, if not for thrifted vintage items and stuff I make, I would not have much to decorate with.
Glad you are in a area where you can enjoy the wild life. We have White-Tail deer in our yard all the time.
Audrey Z.

handmade by amalia said...

Such a pretty vignette, Tamara. I do love objects that come with a bit of history and a bit of mystery :-)

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Tamara, I love the display that you created. Suitcases are great for storing things too (oops...sorry...I know you're purging things right now). LOL!! Either way, they're great for storing things haha!