Friday, June 8, 2012

Loving the Simple Things

I love simplicity. The thought of it.. the look of it... can you smell simplicity?

I suppose so. It brings to mind visions of those pretty little English Roses.

Ours bush is covered with these lovely little flowers
and the fragrance just floats through the air.
When we open our bedroom door that accesses the herb garden,
the sweet smell slowly invites itself in on soft breezes.

It makes me stop and close my eyes and take in the freshness.
That beauty is something that I can remember when the days are cold and windy
or when life seems to be dragging me along and I want to slow down.

I am not at home, but I can picture the bush and smell
the flowers even now.

What a special gift.

Thank you, God.


Mikailah said...

Beautiful post, beautiful pictures, Mommy. :) Simplicity is so wonderful; those quiet moments of just sitting and listening to the birds sing, or the wind in the leaves.

Love you!!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

These are beautiful!! I have planted 3 roses.. just sticks, this year. One is doing really well, one is doing ok, and the other is not doing anything. =/ I have one little bud on the one that's doing really well. I can't even remember what color it is, I can't wait to see it. Love you!