Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Dog ~ Liberty

This is one of the sweetest things.
She works so hard at pleasing us.
There is definitely the element of protection in her
little dog heart.

I don't believe there is anything this little
bit of a dog wouldn't do for us if she had the chance.

She is a whole lot of love wrapped up in a fur body.

The neighbors cat moved here just to be with
'Miss Liberty.'  
Mr. Kitty snuggles with her every chance he gets!

 Here is a little story that I love to tell about her:

One day Liberty and I were taking a walk. It was a little cool so I had
worn my down vest. It warmed up rather quickly and so I hung my vest
in a bush along the road.

Somehow, Liberty and I got separated and I couldn't find her. She usually comes
with a whistle. But not this time. The walk takes about an hour.
After walking to the turn-a-round and back, I was approaching
the hill back to the house. And still, no sign of the dog.

As I drew nearer to the top of the hill, I saw something laying near the
bush where I had hung my vest. It was Liberty!
After we had gotten separated, she had gone back to the place
where my vest was.  I was very surprised. I thought
that was SO smart and it showed her loyalty.

She surely has won our hearts in various ways. Doing her tricks,
trying to get the other cats to like her. ( She licks them and lays on
her back close by to show her submision. It's so cute.)

She gives hugs by pushing between our knees when we're standing
or by crawling behind our legs if we're sitting. And she gives
LOTS of kisses.

Pets add such a special dimension to family life as they offer their
 devotion and teach us about unconditional love.


Mikailah said...

Awww.. what a sweet post. :) Liberty is indeed the sweetest dog I have ever seen. <3 She is so sweet, and always attentive. :)

Beautiful post, Mommy.

Love you!

Jennifer said...

A very sweet post indeed. I, of all people, know the importance of pets in our daily lives. I'm glad you have such a wonderful friend in Liberty!!

I miss you and love you! *smooch*
~Me =)