Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Transitions: What Now?

I am wondering if there are other moms out there that are wondering if there are other
moms out there.( I am most certain there are. If only I could connect with some and glean
from their wisdom. And the wondering is about where to go from here.) Transitioning from
having 9 children very close in age and home schooling, to having three older girls.

Though I love being home with children and homemaking and in no way would want
to neglect this, I am in a season of my life that allows me some time to pursue and hone
some of my gifts and talents. And not that I have the need to justify, but I am also drawing
my girls in and teaching them many new skills that they can use to bless others or to
build a cottage industry. The time together also works to build wonderful relationships
and we have a lot of fun as well!

                                                I love to work with my hands.

Keeping this simple would suit me, but honestly, I feel somewhat buried in possibilities. My gratefuleness for a wonderful supportive husband (who loves to see me at peace and
developing my talents) runs very deep.

One of the problems I am having is narrowing the field. But then again, I wonder if I really
need to.

Here are some of the things I enjoy doing:

 * Growing herbs and flowers

 * Crafting
            1) Paper
            2) making weathered wood wallhangings
            3) sewing (hand and machine)
            4) creating with felt
            5) embellishing fabric

 * Playing music and singing ( it is interesting that I should think of this last
             because it is first in my heart)

So. Here are some guideleines I am attempting to apply to help me find the track that
I really want to be on.

1) Asking God for direction : I am convinced that He knows me and my circumstances best. In knowing this I wait on Him for clarity.

2) One foot in front of the other: Keep at something.  And what I mean by this is being faithful
to work at one of these things will keep me inspired and I will eventually come to know what I
am and am not supposed to be doing. I don't want to sit overwhelmed and idle!

3) Be realistic about  what I can accomplish. One of the truths that seems to be coming to me over
and over again is that LESS is MORE!  I used to be so wishy washy about decisions and never
wanted to miss anything. I was distracted and captivated by what everyone else was doing. I
do NOT want to be governed by the crazies. So learning to get focused and stay focused has been essential for me.

Some of my flowers

Herbs and flowers

Homemade herbal vinegars

A pillow cover that I'm working on

Paper flowers

Set up for a craft fair

Some of our wood crafts

I don't know if anyone is reading this. But if you are and you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

A million thanks~


Jennifer said...

Hello Stister dear! I have rekindled yet another blog of mine... go take a peek when you have some time. I love you!

Jeff LeFevre said...

I'm reading. I love your posts. So fresh and honest!