Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Planting of A Seed ~Believe~

I realize that this is the season for the harvest not planting.  But is it ever too early or too late to start dreaming or planning?

When I think of planting a seed. I think of hope. When we actually buy the seed or harvest it from some other place, we are thinking of it's possibilities. There's optimism and excitement about what's coming. If there wasn't, we wouldn't bother. We don't think about drought or the birds that come to steal it away or the flood that washes through and dislodges it's bed of dirt. Our thoughts aren't focused on the possibility of the never-ending rain-showers that turn from friend to foe as the seed rots before it has even a chance to germinate.

No, we imagine sunshine that nurtures and gentle rains that come and wash over it seed slowly coaxing it to open up and let the beauty of the tiny green vine show itself. Reaching through the soft, moist dirt upward toward the sun.

We don't wait for perfect cause it usually doesn't happen. But we know when the time is right.

I see my life in the same way. There are seeds that I am holding in my heart. Pondering over. Imagining how they will grow. Thinking about what possibilities lie within them. And there are hopes and dreams attached to them. I believe God gave us the ability and desire to hope and dream. And Not just about our spiritual lives and who we'd like to become along our journey with the Lord. What about what we'd like to become of the gifts and talents or desires of the kind of life that He has placed within us. 

Just as with the seeds that we put in the ground, there is a right time to put that seed that we have been holding in our hearts into a place where it can be nourished so that it can bring forth the beauty of the life that has been waiting to burst forth.

Maybe it's been there for a long time and you've tried planting it but it just died out. Maybe you thought the timing was right but it just didn't grow. Maybe circumstances crushed the tender plant as it began to grow. It's never too late. Take the precious seed that you've been holding dear and take another chance. Don't worry about the outcome right now. Just start with what you have and take each day as it comes. 

{Nourish the seed with hope and faith. Believe.}


  xo Tamara

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