Friday, October 11, 2013

Shabby, Burlap Covered Planter and My First Retail Sale! / { family sentiments}

This was a really fun project. There are lots of little things to look at.  I Just couldn't stop! The ideas for details kept coming so I kept adding them on. Sometimes I go too far. What do you think?
Is it too busy?
I started out with a white metal planter that had a gold embossed scrolling on it. I found it at a thrift store several years ago and had used it for storage but then decided I didn't need it anymore.
I thought it might make a nice little gift for someone or that maybe I could sell it.

I just covered it with burlap and then added the burlap ruffles which are really simple to make. But I found something out about burlap. Some weave is tighter than others. So, if you're purchasing for the purpose of ruffling, you will most like want to get the more tightly woven.

 After I decided the width f ruffle, I hand measured my strip about two and half times the length of the ruffle. And then I just found a string at the end of the ruffle that I could pull. And then I pulled to the desired bunchy look that I wanted. Hot glue works great to attach the ruffle to the planter.
There are really no rules to a project like this. It's just whatever you have on hand and the desired finished  look that you want to have.

I took this to my favorite Antique/Shabby Chic shop. The White Chair. She purchased it to sell in her shop. Thank you, Moli!  I was so excited! I have had my offerings on consignment for a few years but this was my first retail sale. I am so thankful and humbled to think that she would consider my work for her lovely shop. 

I am travelling right now. We have bought a small place to spend time visiting family and friends in Ohio. This was my second time there and was able to get together with my brother, sisters and many nephews, nieces and greats, too. It was the first gathering in 11 years. The last was when my dad was still with us. It was worth the whole trip. I can't tell you what it meant to me to have us all together again.  I am so thankful for the time.

Family. Family is priceless even though we come together with our hurts and offences, we still make it work. And I know that if my dad could see us, he was smiling as he looked down. Happy that we were all together again. Family. My heart yearns for more. Close times. It's so far away though and it will have to wait until next spring at the earliest. All those months. I will wait with great expectations and anticipation. Remembering the smiles. The laughter. And even those sitting quietly by themselves waiting for others to come and draw them in. My thoughts will return often to them. Like a tune that plays itself over and over again in my mind. Family.

And am now in Oklahoma visiting my newest grand baby.  Although Ohio is still my home, I miss my other home. I've been away for a month and I'm ready to get back. It has been beautiful and special. And I travel the miles and miles back to my other home I look very forward to seeing those who wait for me there. Family.

Well, I hope you were somewhat inspired by my little project and may you be blessed with special family time that pulls at your heart and forever plants sweet thoughts in the garden of your mind.

Blessings to you all.


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