Monday, May 8, 2017

Just Add Color ~

What a wonderful day it is.
Everything is not perfect but that just adds color.
How would would I know what was good if I didn't 
have anything to compare it to?

I can be among the... 

happy people

 by changing my focus which
changes my perspective which in turn, 
changes my thinking.

Sometimes, it takes some creative doing but if it
changes the color of my world, it's worth it.

Oh, I love this!

Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.
Vincent Van Gogh
What a deep and mysterious language. 
The color of dreams~
Paul Guaguin
  Since the patina that occurs in our life is from our own
handprints, we wouldn't want to alter it.

But everyone needs a little splash of color now and then.
It sometimes comes through change. 
From external circumstances or something
of our own choosing.
It charges us and can re-fire our creativity.

It can be subtle or like a huge watercolor painting
that takes up a lot of room in your heart or home.
 I add color to my life every day by listening to
and playing music. Music is full of color!
Every color that you could possibly imagine.
People experiences and gratitude can add such rich
color to our lives. 
Color evokes emotions that move us and touch
in so many ways. It can inspire and encourage
or take our breath away with it's beauty.

Yesterday, we visited our daughter that lives 
in a group home. We had a lovely, long visit with her. 
When we left, the blues of missing her were splashed
over with the cheery colors of bright pinks, yellows, and
oranges with a mix of white!

Soon, I'll be leaving to see some of our 
children and grandchildren. Being with them
will brush vibrant, magical colors 
onto the mural of my life, adding yet 
another layer to my story!

The beautiful greens of the east will
take me back to my childhood days 
and will warm my heart with the memories
of my past.

What will you be doing to add color to your life?
I wish you joyous times filled 
with rich, colorful memories.

Thank you for coming by~
Please let me know that you were here and I'll
come by and say hello!


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Junkchiccottage said...

Hello my friend,
Color is the best to make us smile. Even with me being a neutral decor lover I love color in my summer garden and clothes. I think it makes all of us smile with happiness to see pretty color. I am even thinking of putting some color into my new cottage after we move!!! Have a good week and a great Mom's weekend.