Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Beautiful, Blessed Rainy Day

Hello Friends. I hope you're having a lovely Saturday.
Mine has just been perfect.

Rain   Blessed   Rain
Yesterday, I prayed for rain. I heard it might be coming but it so often
passes us by in our little valley.
I was so delighted when I awoke in the middle of the night
and the sound of the rain hitting the tin roof  found it's way
to my ears.
{Open the window...
to breathe in the soft moisture carried in by the breeze.
Stand there for a few moments leaning on the low window sill.
Just listening and feeling the coolness.
The dampness.
And then back to bed and laying my head on my pillow,
I let out a sigh and went back to sleep to the melody of sweet
rain falling on the roof.}
And today..
Yes, it has been perfect.
A slow family breakfast of German pancakes.
(I will share the recipe the next time we make them!
I have to include pictures. 
If you've never seen them, you are in for a big treat!)
 Working on a project.

Watching the rain droplets that cling to the trees.

Playing some music.
Sitting on the floor by the fire.
Playing a game with my family.
Gathered blessings on this first day of March.
I would really love to hear about your
Saturday and what delighted your heart today
or this week.
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