Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Nature Declares the Glory of God~

All Nature Declares the Glory
of God ~

I'm sure it seems strange to some of you that I would be

posting photos of snow. This was my experience. It is part of the charm and beauty

of living at 7500 feet in the mountains of Arizona.

Last week, on May 10th, we had freezing temperatures.

We were blessed.. yes blessed,

with 4 inches of snow in the surrounding mountains.


The drive was one of the most beautiful that I had ever remembered.

I slowed my speed.

Each side of the road was lined

with Spruce and Fir stretching toward the sky.

The needles of each branch laden

 with frosty white. It seemed as if God had embraced my world with

His pristine touch.

The forest was perfectly silent accept for the

wildlife that was stirring; An elk ran across the road.

It stopped only for a moment

to gather it's feet for one graceful bound over a fence.

Snowy powder was blowing from the trees in clouds of white.
My heart was overflowing with gratitude and praise.

 I was engaged in His goodness. In awe of His creation.


I wanted to stay in that place.. where His

presence was gentle yet so all-encompassing.

 I drove out of the snow and back to reality.

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