Monday, May 9, 2011

Encouragement for Mothers

In my post Motherhood Stands Alone, I had said that I would follow-up with some
encouraging resources. I hope you find them to be helpful.

Being a mother is a privilege and very rewarding. It is a God-created and honored role
according to His Word. There is an indescribable joy that is birthed in the heart of a
mother as she realizes the beauty and wonder of motherhood according to God's design.

Though our culture changes with the times, our values and beliefs must remain
aligned with what God says in His Word. It is sometimes difficult to throw off the
views and criticisms of those who believe that motherhood is somehow less than
successful, important or influential.

But even as David had to encourage himself, we also must work at building ourselves up as we
face the battle of deception and de-generation. We want to keep ourselves strong and focused;
It's important to be able to encourage others as well as ourselves.

The first obvious place to do find truth is in the Bible.

You Are Captivating celebrates the glorious design and beauty of a mother released to be all she was meant to be.

100 Powerful and Challenging Devotions to Strengthen, Encourage and
Inspire You in Your Divine Calling as a Wife and Mother.
100 Days of Blessing

The ministry of Nancy Leigh DeMoss is called Revive Our Hearts. This is a powerful
ministry for women looking for encouragement in the truth of God's Word.

Dear Mothers, draw close to Him. He is the source. Trust Him to lead you and guide you.

Your Heavenly Father rejoices over you with singing;
He will shine His light on the path that is right for you
and your family.Grow in the gifts and talents that He has
given you. Remember, you are unique!

There many other resources available; If you have a favorite,
please share it with us and how it has encouraged you~ We need each other.
Thank you!

Blessings to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

wonderful post! You are special to God~

Jeff and Tamara said...

Thank you for your lovely words. I cherish every comment~