Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Training Children~Following Through

As a parent, I have spent a whole lot of time reading books, observing and seeking God
about the details of the subject. I have learned so much from others and from my
own mistakes. Considering and evaluating the heart and delivery of my parenting is
a daily practice.

Being a parent is a wonderful blessing and privilege; there is so much joy packed
into a day with my children. AND there's a bundle of challenges as well.

Building good habits into their lives takes a lot work; It is not easy. But it is worth
the effort. The results will be a blessing to them and those whose lives they touch.

One of the most important ways we can help our children is by following through
with the actions that were framed by our words.

Being consistent can make the difference between a happy child or one that is very
insecure. When we back up what we say, our children learn that there are boundaries and
that the boundaries are meant to be observed and respected. Children with firmly and
lovingly held boundaries feel protected and valued.

We model integrity and instill trust in the hearts of our children when we follow
through. They may not appreciate the actions taken but they are learning that there is
strength of character in one who does not shirk their responsibilities; That person
is someone they can depend upon.

When children know what to expect from their parents, there is little confusion.
There is a lot less turmoil and conflict in hearts, relationships and homes when
boundaries are clearly established. Children who understand that, we as parents,
will be sure to follow through, will more quickly comply with family guidelines.

Sometimes it's difficult to know where our weaknesses are. Here are some symptoms
of a home where the follow through is most likely weak.

*Children try to negotiate rules
*They talk back when given instructions
*Obedience is the exception, not the rule
*Parent's frustration levels are high
*Frustration seems normal
*Nagging is used to motivate
*There is bitterness in relationships
*The heart of the home does not seem healthy

Do you feel that you have not been consistent in this area? If so, regroup as a family.
Use this opportunity to display humility to your children. Work with your children in
re-establishing rules. Remember, we can't expect our children to whip into shape
if we have not been faithful to establish boundaries.

Accept God's grace. Forgive yourself and move on. Ask your spouse to help you.
We all need help and accountability.

Enjoy your children. They are a blessing. Keep positive, remembering that God is
for you and He will help you to succeed. We all have areas to grow in.

If you have a victory or struggle, that you would like to share, please do.

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