Saturday, May 7, 2011

Motherhood Stands Alone

While considering the upcoming day of honoring Mothers, this thought came to my mind.

Motherhood stands alone. Just as a priceless jewel; a diamond needs nothing
to make it sparkle and shine.

Nothing needs to be added to Motherhood to maintain it's value. We need not make
any excuses or apologies. The more we try to justify the position, it seems the less
it is respected.

There are many different kinds of mothers.  Each on of you is special; You are unique!
A treasure. We will not all look the same or have the same gifts and skills. (God has given
you special abilities to bless your family and to contribute to the body of Christ.)

Do we allow ourselves to be pressured by our culture's expectations?

Worse yet, is this what we believe ourselves? Do we approach our days with the hopes
of achieving these expectations?


The list below does not qualify a woman be a mother.


*Always has meals on the table on time

*Knows how to budget perfectly

*Knows how to get every stain out of the laundry

*Never leaves laundry in the basket

*Gets up at 4:30 to read her Bible and pray

*Keeps a perfectly clean house

*Can sew a dress in a day

*Bakes a perfect loaf of bread

*Never loses the checkbook

*Pays every bill on time

*Never kills a houseplant

*Grows a garden that has no weeds

*Has written a book

*Serves in many positions at her local church

*Always has make-up on and every hair in place

*Has a degree in SOMETHING

*Started and runs a home industry

*Always has fresh cookies to serve unexpected guests

*Is in perfect physical shape

*Never needs help

*Holds a political office


The list goes on... I am certain many of you face pressures, deceptions and expectations
 unique to your situation.

Learning to be a mother is a process. Guard your homes and hearts against the
deceptions and expectations of this world.

As you begin or continue your journey:

*Renew your mind in the Word (find out what God's words teaches about motherhood)

*Learn to discern your Heavenly Father's voice above the clatter of expectations
  and criticisms

*Be in regular fellowship with people who encourage you

*Don't compare yourself with others

*Pray for wisdom and guidance

*Don't strive, but rest in Him

*Set your standards high but allow grace for mistakes 

*Be organized and diligent but allow God to do the work

*Let go of past mistakes..learn from them and move on

*Talk and pray with your husband often concerning your role

*Keep your days simple and God-focused (don't over-commit)

*Focus on your God-given strengths and passions

*Understand your weaknesses and don't allow them to cripple you

*Remember, it is only with His help that we can be the mothers that we
  desire to be

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.
                                                                                        Psalm 127:1

Here are some encouraging words by Voddie Baucham.

     Being a mother is beautiful. The position needs no qualifiers or clarifiers. Oh, sweet mothers, if you could understand the thoughts that He has toward you and how precious you are in
His sight. Cease to strive and allow His work to be fully accomplished in your heart and home.

I wish to remember those of you who have never birthed a child. You are a treasure as well
for you have given your hearts, homes and love. You have nurtured and mentored
and sacrificed. A mother is not only someone who has brought a child into the world.

There are some encouraging resources that I would like to share. However, because of the
length of this article, I will save the information for the next post. I hope you can join me.

Happy Mother's Day, precious friends. May you feel honored
and blessed in the sweet place of Motherhood~

Though Mother's Day has passed, it is never too late or too early to honor the sacred role.

If you are interested, the follow-up article is entitled: Encouragement For Mothers. 


Nicole Watson said...

You have a beautiful blog here. I felt right at home. God bless you :)

Jeff and Tamara said...

Thank you for sharing your words of encouragement, Nicole. We are SO pleased that you felt at home!
God bless you, too~