Monday, April 25, 2011

Connecting With You~

           Making connections is very important to our family; we love people and the richness that they add to our lives. Aren't people what life is all about?  I used to think I was seeking affirmation, but I found that we enjoy our time of solitude and quiet as well. We don't HAVE to be with people; They just bring us a lot of joy.

We are excited about blogging and the new friends that we will make. It is something new to us and so we are learning as we go. One of things that we have learned has been while checking our blog stats.

In the past couple of weeks, there is a simple little post that has been viewed quite a few times. It was written almost a year ago; it includes a picture of our four youngest daughters and a granddaughter.
What we have learned from this is that our readers enjoy connections as well.

We want our blog to be very personal but not ALL about us and sometimes it's difficult to know how MUCH of ourselves to write about. But in an attempt to make it more personal, we are going to begin to include more family posts, personal information, and photos.

We are not exactly sure how to accomplish this but hope it will be a blessing. We know that God has touched our lives in a million ways and that is what we ultimately wish to write about. Because, after all, it's all about Him! Christ is The Beautiful One.

Our journey has been one of extreme joy to intense pain. At times looking to the Giver of Life for the
very next breath. There has been an abundance to the fullest measure as well as losses that have kept us, literally, on our faces before Him. But through it all, He has been ....faithful and He has kept us.  

                         **Blessed be the Name of the Lord!**

We also want to get to know YOU! Please, please, please...let us hear from you! We would appreciate your input and opinions. Learning from your experiences with the Lord and sharing in the richness and fullness of YOUR abundant life would be a blessing to us!

We look forward to walking this road less travelled with you. God bless you!

Here to serve,
from our house to yours~

Jeff, Tamara and family

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