Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hold the Fort!

In days of old, frontier settlements were protected by forts. Forts consisted of protective walls often surrounded by moats, cannons for defense and housing, food and water sufficient to withstand a long siege. In the center in a strongly guarded and protected building stood the armory where ammunition was stored. The enemy knew that if he could breach this center core and destroy it, the battle would be over and the fort defeated.

Our lives as Christian men are much like this.

Our homes are our forts.

They are to be places of safety and protection from the onslaughts of worldly thinking and philosophies. The core is our relationship with Jesus Christ. The next area of importance moving out from the core is our relationship with our wives. If we continue to move outward we have our children and extended family, our church or ministry, our jobs, our possessions, hobbies, sports, etc. Think if it as concentric circles surrounding a central core with the outermost being the farthest from the core and the least important.

One of the enemies most successful ploys at taking the fort is to draw the captain (that’s us guys!) to focusing his PRIORITIES on the outer circles (hobbies, recreation, possessions, jobs, etc.) and neglecting the core. It is a subtle ploy and one of the oldest tricks in Satan’s book but it continues to devastate families and destroy homes.

I hope to encourage husbands and fathers to draw close to the core which is Christ and to stay there.

Draw close to your wife and nurture her spirit by being a Godly man and attentive father.

Don’t allow the things in the outer circles to slowly win your affections and distract you from what is truly important.

Remember, the enemies missiles are aimed at the core. If he can destroy that, the rest will soon begin to crumble and the fort will be lost.

Protect the Core!!

Hold the Fort Men!!


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