Sunday, April 3, 2011

Can Trials Be a Blessing?

A trial that takes your breath away.

 Pain that rips at your heart.

 You feel as if you won't be able to live another day.

 You can't face another sunrise.

 A day full of responsibilty.

Peope asking questions.

Uncertainties that leave you feeling empty and afraid.

I have visited this place many times.  

 If that is your reality today,You can be sure that He will not leave you there. There is hope beyond any situation you may be facing.
Your Heavenly Father is watching this very moment.. His word says  in Psalm 56:8 ,"That He bottles your tears."

Perhaps for a moment, you can consider the height and depth of His love.

Have you ever looked back at a difficult time and been able to see the blessing that was birthed through it? Have you even been able to thank God for it? There was so much growth during that time. Gratitude towards God overflows. It brought you to your knees and closer to Him. He held you up with His righteous right arm. Your love for Him grew deeper than ever before. He had shown His faithfulness.

It is in these times that we truly learn that His grace is sufficient. There is nothing else that sustains or satisfies. Our faith increases. We experience a true ownership of what we believe because we lived it. It is out of love that He doesn't leave us to ourselves.

He sees you. He knows you. He loves you.
 His love exceeds anything you can possibly understand. Knowing this, you realize that you can trust Him with all the broken pieces of your heart. He will handle them with love and compassion. He knows how to mend and restore. He will lead you through the dark places by the light of His truth and love.

Thou, O Lord, canst transform my thorn into a flower.  And I want my thorn transformed into a flower.
 Job got the sunshine after the rain. But was the rain a waste? Job wanted to know, I want to know if the shower had anything to do with the shining.
And Thou canst tell me-- Thy cross can tell me. Thou hast crowned Thy sorrow. Be this my crown, O Lord.
 I only triumph in Thee when I have learned the radiance of the rain.

George Matheson, Streams in the Desert

Lord, in my heart, I plan my course, but You determine my steps. (Proverbs 16:9)
Life is not going as I planned. I am so grateful that You are not caught off guard. You knew everything that was going to befall me. Please direct my steps as You determine. I need You, Lord. Carry me whn I cannot walk.

Father, continue to bring me along so that I can also rejoice in my sufferings because I know that suffering produces perseverance.  (Romans 5:3)

Praying God's Word   by Beth Moore


                   the beautiful song BLESSINGS by Laura Story~

Know in your heart of hearts that the God of love is loving you. Your pain and trials belong to Him. He feels every ache and sees every teardrop. He delights in bringing healing rain to His suffering children. He is walking with you and watching over you as He awaits to rejoice with you as you arrive on the other side~

Can we get to place where we can always say," Your will, not  mine?" Can we recklessly abandon our places of refuge and trust fully in Him? 

He will  take  all of your circumstances and work them for good. You are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28


Anonymous said...

awesome blog. i really like it!

Jeff and Tamara said...

Dear Friend,

We hope you were encouraged. God Bless you~