Friday, April 22, 2011

Inspirational Reading for Boys (and girls)

As a family, we have always enjoyed gathering together, snuggling down and reading a good book.
Snuggling up with those you love and listening to a good story is one of life's simplest, but richest joys.

Reading aloud to children is such a wonderful way to have a quiet family time. To come together after a busy days activites and to settle the children before bed is such a peaceful way to end the day.

While travelling, we have also found that on many occassions, when we were far from home, there seemed to be a restlessness in their spirits. It brought an element of familiarity and was comforting. We most generally had a book that went along with us. Before bedtime, we would pull the book out, get close and listen.

The benefits of reading aloud go far beyond just enjoying a good story and sharing warm family time. It helps children learn to sit and be attentive and to develope their focusing abilities. Their imaginations are developed as they listen and try to picture the scenes of the story in their minds.

The facts about people about places are only limited to the stories themselves. This makes the time so perfect for learning history, science and many other subjects while listening to a story.

It is a time devoid of conflict when their hearts are open to learning truths about Biblical character quailites. The practical applications are often played out in the stories which provides undestanding of practical applications.

Having five boys, of course, we tried to locate literature that would encourage our boys to grow. Books that would bring courage, truth, honor, justice, love, compassion, and more to life. This was not an easy task. We were searching for realistic stories that did not portray ungodly character qualities as acceptable and the norm.

One of the resources we discovered was Lamplighter Books. We found these to be uplifting, humorous, and great teaching tools. All this wrapped up in GREAT stories!

Highlighted below are two of our favorites.

                                                                    The White Knights

Three boys in the White Knights Club take on the challenge in their day-to-day lives, just like the knights of King Arthur's court, to prove their faith by their works—protecting “damsels in distress,” defending the weak, and honoring their God and King.

                                                                  Clean Your Boots, Sir?

How often does God use tragic and painful circumstances to mold, test, and direct believers to fashion more effective tools for His work? Robert Rightheart has to face testing at every turn of his life, but the testimony of his life reveals how enduring trials yield maturity

                                                              Recommended for ages 9 -14.

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 If children are entertained by two letters,
 imagine the fun they'll have with twenty-six.
 Open your child's imagination.
 Open a book.
 ~Author Unknown

Please write to us and let us know what some of your favorite read-a-louds are!

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