Saturday, April 30, 2011

Update onTornado Victims~

Here is an update on the Crawford family of Alabama who lost their home in
the tornados this week. You will be in shock at the destruction. This is an interview with
Mr. Aaron Crawford.

Below is an interview with Jordan Lee. He is the oldest son of Mr. Tom Lee
whose life was lost while protecting his family during the devastating
tornados this week. His love for his father and for God overlfows as he
speaks of honoring his father's legacy and his family's desire to honor
and glorify God through this very difficult time.

It is so inspiring to see these familys standing so strong in the
their faith and trusting God in the face of such tragic circumstances.
They are very courageous and steadfast.

What an honor to be part of the body of Christ. What a privelage to belong to a group
of people who will walk side by side, giving of their
material possession and offering all of their love and support
to help people heal and rebuild their lives.

These families will need much support
and continued prayer for many months
as they work through the grief and trauma
of this disaster.

I will be posting information concerning donations and an address
 to which gift cards can be sent.
Please consider what you can give.
Any amount will be a blessing and
very much appreciated

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