Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last Days of Christ Outreach~


The Last Days of Christ

For the past eighteen years a local church has invited the community to be a part
of a passion play during Holy week.

It is a powerful re-enactment of Christ's last days before He is raised from the dead.

It is something to experience.

Our family has been privileged to be a part for the past ten years.
It is an amazing experience. Words can hardly express the emotions that one feels in being a part.

The children gathered around Jesus singing You're a Great Big God, is a wondrous sight.
There is a Jewish song playing while several ladies dance in honor of their Lord.

The disciples sleeping in the garden puts me in mind of myself.

As Jesus is sentenced to death, the cry of the crowd and the look on Mary's face
is heart-wrenching.

Barabbas runs away, free.

Jesus is then beaten and taken away.

As He enters the sanctuary, in the dark, there are sounds of soldiers yelling. One can hear the blows of the whips as He is struck.

As the lights dimly glow, Jesus comes into view...bearing a cross.

It is almost as if we were there-


As Mary watches her Son hang on the cross, she begins to sing a song.

Is this the boy I raised, Is this son I knew?
Is this the one I loved? Why can can't they love Him, too?

There is an element of reality as to what it must have been like for Mary, His disciples
and others that loved Him.


Being a part of this production has brought even more meaning to the Resurrection.

It has also provided an opportunity for our children to grow in relationships with others.

Working together with so many other churches to present this Gospel message has been a powerful

lesson in being part of the "body of Christ." Setting aside differences to minister to the lost and hurting

is so needful.

All of our children have been given the opportunity to serve through this ministry and we are grateful.

It has been a chance for them to grow in leadership skills and humility.

Most importantly, at the end each evening, there is an altar call.

 Through the years, many people have been drawn to the Lord!


Included are some photos of some of those who were able to serve during this month long
 commitment to ministry.

Grace, Mikailah and Charlotte
Our girls 


This is Anita.
 She made ALL the costumes. It was she and her husband, Dave, that
put the play together almost 25 years ago! They oversee all the details 
of costumes, sets, props, practices and schedules. They do such a wonderful job! 

Jeff as Pontius Pilate

Sara, Mikailah, Lee, Jen and Mellisa

Daniel, Jeff, JR and Brian


Dave, Neil, Tyler, John, Lee and John


It was such a joy to work with all of these people. Again, our family is grateful

for the opportunity to serve in this wonderful ministry.

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