Sunday, April 10, 2011

Influence Lives...With Stories...Books

Lamplighter... Building character one story at a time....

It is a delight to bring to the forefront this line of books and products.

We are so excited about the opportunity to feature these powerful,

 poignant stories on Heritage of Truth.

We believe these products will enrich and challenge the lives of those who read them.

{ Many times the reading of a book has made the future of a man.}

Written below is a brief history of Lamplighter Publishing.

 Following this history is a powerful video called
 Defy the Darkness that casts the vision of this ministry.

Mark Hamby, hated reading as a child. When he became a Christian at age 22, he was introduced to Christian biographies, which ignited a passion in his heart for great Christian literature. He was always looking for a role model whom he could follow, someone from whom he could learn and who would inspire and motivate him in his new life of faith. When he read his first biographies of D. L. Moody, George Mueller, Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, Gladys Alwardt, and Abraham Lincoln, he knew he had found his mentors.

 Today, thirty years later, Mark is still praying the prayer of D. L. Moody: “The world has not yet seen what God can do through one man wholly committed unto Christ.” Several years later, after completing seminary training, Mark read The Basket of Flowers, which had such an influence upon his life that he knew immediately that the world had to read it!

 God continued to give Mark the desires of his heart by helping him to find some of the greatest life-transforming literature ever written. Through Lamplighter Ministries, we now have one hundred thirty titles published and a million in print! In 1994, it became a 501 C-3 non-profit organization.

This year, Mark is particularly thankful because his 76-year-old father came to know the Savior after reading Christie’s Old Organ and Buried in the Snow. A few months later, he went to be with the Lord. You can imagine the joy that Mark experienced knowing that he will some day see his dad again! I think some day it might become a Lamplighter story—in fact, I am sure it will!

We believe the following video will ignite a fire in your heart!

Defy the Darkness 

Lamplighter Publishing offers products for many different age groups.

There are audio stories as well as children books.

Adults will find help help and encouragement through the books and seminars offered.

Our family has been reading these wonderful books aloud for 10 years.

We are currently reading The Hidden Hand.

We are pleased to have become Lamplighter Publishing affiliates.
 If you order through our site, you will receive a 15% discount off your order
 and we will receive a commission. This will help support our family's vision of full-time ministry.

You can enter the Lamplighter site through the Lamplighter button
located in the sidebar on the righthand side.

If  you choose to order through our site, please include the Unique Tracking Code.
This code is GUILD 13 and is not case-sensitive.

Thank you very much and God Bless you~

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